About Labor's Anti-Sugar Farming Laws

Through Labor's anti-sugar farming laws, the government will give itself the power to request documents from all farm suppliers, employees, contractors and customers, signalling that the government believes farmers are liars.

The laws will also give Brisbane-based bureaucrats the right to change rules regarding agri-chemical and fertiliser application at will and with minimal consultation.

In some cases, these laws will stop farmers from growing sugar cane on their rural properties.

The result, when combined with low world sugar prices and rising costs such as electricity and water, will be that cane farmers exit the industry en masse.

This will be devastating, not only for farming families who have been in the industry for generations, but for local workers on farms, in sugar mills, in sugar transportation, and at the ports.

The cascading effect will directly hit local machinery dealers and agricultural mechanics and entire local economies will suffer from a downturn in sugar.

Labor's political attack on our farmers will also hit local workers, with jobs on farms, in mills, in transport and at our ports at risk.

You can help stop this Labor green attack on our struggling cane farmers and local sugar industry jobs.

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